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Crimsafe Grilles


With Crimsafe Ultimate security doors, an even greater level of strength and security is achieved. Crimsafe Ultimate is seven times stronger than the impact level required by Australian standards and 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe. Crimsafe Ultimate features tamper-resistant screws which bind the Screw-Clamp, mesh and frame together, making a tightly integrated system which ensures greater security.

Crimsafe Ultimate, like other Crimsafe products, features the Crimsafe Tensile Tuff Security Mesh. This mesh is made up of strands which are 0.9mm thick. Most other similar products use strands which are only 0.8mm thick. This difference is not visible to the naked eye, but makes Crimsafe mesh 26.5% thicker at a cross section. This has a significant impact on strength, making Crimsafe mesh much stronger than other meshes.

Crimsafe Ultimate also features a clip on cover which creates a sealed chamber, concealing the fasteners and protecting the system from the elements, as well as adding an extra layer of security.


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Crimsafe Grilles

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