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To receive an estimate quote using your house plans,
please complete the form below and make sure to upload any relevant documentation you have.

    Upload documents here: Floor plan with elevation and schedule with measurements.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    As long as you can provide us with the plans for your house from the developer, architect or builder we can provide an estimate quote. Once the build is complete, we provide a check-measure and final quote to make sure you receive the best price possible. This allows for us to reduce the cost if we over-estimated. It also allows for small unforeseen incidentals that may cause an increase, like changes of material or added extras.

    At the check-measure stage of your project the local consultant will go through all of the options with you in person. They will have a full range of colours and fabrics on hand, which you can go through with them. If there are particular colours or samples you would particularly like to see we can add in some notes to the consultant and ensure they bring them on the day.

    It is completely free to get an estimate (or estimates) and without obligation. Once the build is complete, if you would like to secure the quote we require a 50% deposit to begin the manufacturing process.

    Our estimates are based on the plans provided by you and are indicative only. In most cases, the real finished window will have subtle differences from the plan, but that’s why we will give you free check measure at the end of the build to make sure your final quote is spot-on.

    Depending on the complexity of the project the time may vary, generally allow 7 to 10 business days for a quote estimate to be returned to you. This is assuming that all necessary documents are on hand.

    Warranty is available with each specific product, which you can discuss with our consultant at the check-measure stage.

    For more details and to answer further queries please call (02) 4726 5700