Pivot Arm Awnings

Projecting the fabric off the window via a set of arms, the Pivot Arm Awning allows sun to be controlled through the angle or pitch, and allows for airflow underneath as the awning is not fitted directly to the window. Windows can remain open when the awning is in use and this awning is suitable for small or large windows. When compared with other awnings, the Pivot Arm Awning allows superior air circulation into your home whilst keeping the hot Australian sun at bay.

Pivot Arm Awnings offer many design options including fabric, hood colour, and whether the trim is flat or scalloped. Pivot Arm Awnings fabrics include canvas, acrylic or sunscreen fabric.

Pivot Arm Awnings are suitable for the exterior of both windows and doors. They have spring-loaded arms to hold the fabric taut – fantastic for moderately windy locations.