Vision Blinds

At Nepean Blinds & Doors our Vision Blinds are exquisite to say the least, available in a range of fabric designs including light filtering and blockout. The front layer moves independently of the back layer, allowing the stripes to glide between each other and giving you more control over light and privacy.

Vision Blinds are a revolutionary new Roller Blind which allows you to maintain your view whilst protecting your privacy.

With its sophisticated look and ease of operation Vision Blinds are taking over and adding a new level of elegance, with its stylish curved aluminium fascia providing a sleek new look, the enclosed headbox provides maximum protection from all elements ensuring its durability and long life.

For you child’s safety, we install safety devices on all our blinds or, for extra convenience and safety, you can automate Vision Blinds for added control.

Be sure to visit our showroom for further information regarding these revolutionary blinds.