• Colonial Casting

    Colonial Casting

    Colonial Castings offer a range of decorative grills that can make your home secure and stylish, providing the fit for contemporary homes and older style renovations.

  • PVC Shutters

    Compliment and add value to your home, PVC Plantation Shutters are stylish and are created to blend with your chosen décor.

  • Roller Shutters

    Compliment and add value to your home, Roller Plantation Shutters are stylish and are created to blend with your chosen décor.

  • Timber Shutters

    With the choice of Hardwood and Basswood, Nepean blinds and doors offering a variety of customisation to suit your window

  • Aluminium Shutters

    The Aluminium Shutter has been designed as a modern function shutter which is aesthetically appealing for patios, balconies, outdoor living areas, verandas, carports and internal windows.

  • Roller Blinds

    The simplicity of the roller blind harmonises comfortably into any décor style and adds elegance with a vast selection of fabrics & colours

  • Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds are the ideal way to create a sleek modern look with detailed elegance and style setting the tone for the entire room.

  • Panel Glides

    Panel Glide Blinds are the ultimate in functionality and style when you have large glass areas to dress and a notable alternative to vertical blinds.

  • Vision Blinds

    Our eye-catching Vision blinds allow you an enormous level of control over your lighting and privacy, and will quickly become a stylish centrepiece of your home.

  • Curtains

    Soft and subtle, frame your windows in style with our new range of Curtains! With over 100 curtain fabric options available, our range will suit all interiors and budgets.

  • Veri Shades®

    Nepean Blinds like to call it the clever curtain, with all the elegance and softness of a curtain as well as the versatility of a blind

  • Honeycomb Shades

    Honeycomb shades provide a high level of energy efficiency trapping the air within their cellular structure.

  • Sheer Shades

    Sheer Shades offer an innovative decorative design and functionality through a unique three-dimensional structure.

  • Vertical Drapes

    A wide variety of fabrics are dust, mould resistant & anti fade, providing you with a low maintenance window covering for everyday living.

  • Aluminium Venetians

    Versatile and ideal for creating a modern, uncluttered look in any environment, they offer solar protection, light control and privacy.