• Automatic Awnings

    The Automatic Awning is a simple and stylish, cord-free solution.

  • Cafe Blind

    Café Awnings

    Keep you cool even on the hottest summer days…Café Awnings not only provide UV protection and airflow, they are incredibly durable and provide the best option when it is not possible to fix a channel to a wall.

  • Folding Arm Awning

    Folding Arm Awnings

    Increase the space in your living space! Folding Arm Awnings have a clever and compact wall-mounted design, allowing you and your guests to mingle freely without unnecessary posts or ropes.

  • Eureka Conservatory Awnings

    Who doesn’t love the idea of a conservatory? Our Free Standing Awning creates a temporary “roof” style awning that is specially designed for outdoor and entertaining spaces.

  • Canopy Awnings

    Add that classic European charm to your home with Nepean's Canopy Awning - from a French chalet to the elegance of a Parisian cafe to a cute Dutch Canopy and even more.

  • Steel Awning

    Fixed Steel Awnings

    Our protective metal shades will help stop the harsh Australian sun from beating down while you entertain or relax outside.