Automatic Awnings

The Automatic Awning is a simple and stylish, cord-free solution. It is suited to ground floor installation, where the Awning needs to be installed close to the window in order to provide a high level of privacy and sun protection. In strong winds, the Automatic Awning cleverly responds by retracting, in order to protect the fabric from possible weather damage.

There are two types of Automatic Awnings.

  • Standard Automatic Awning, which allows for a range of arm sizes; 150, 300, 450 or 600mm.
  • Systems 2000 Automatic Awning, which allows for the arms to be cut to any size.

The Automatic Awning can be made up to 4 metres wide. This means that a single Awning can cover a wide window, or even multiple windows in close proximity to each other.