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    At Nepean Blinds and Doors we offer a range of the best Security Doors and Security Screens rivalled by no other. Servicing the Sydney Metropolitan area including the Blue Mountains Nepean Blinds and Doors offer the best prices on reputable brands including Crimsafe, Crimsafe Ultimate, Colonial Casting and Crimsafe Security Screens. All Doors supplied come standard with door closers. Be sure to check out our range below and be guaranteed you will receive the best products for the best prices, that’s our Guarantee!

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    The most important thing for a household is safety and knowing that your family and belongings are secure both when you’re home and when you’re not. In a study conducted by The Australian Institute of Criminology’s Drug Use Monitoring, convicted offenders stated that security measures such as alarms, and grilled windows and security doors, were effective deterrents for potential target houses (Gately et al 2014). In this way, simple security measures are often the most effective against possible thefts. With the addition of security screens, doors or grills, the chances of a burglar entering through an unlocked door or window (where 66.2% of convicted detainees reported typically entering the property through unlocked doors or windows (2014) are reduced significantly. By adding a visible deterrent such as a screen or a grill, the targetability of a household is decreased.



    Crimsafe is the pinnacle of home security doors. Where other products use mesh strands that are 0.8mm thick, Crimsafe uses 0.9mm Crimsafe Tensile Tuff Security Stainless Steel Mesh, 26.5% thicker at a cross section, that makes it stronger than other meshes. Crimsafe features Crimsafe’s patented Security Screw Clamp System – where other screens are simply glued or wedged into place, Crimsafe secures the screen between two serrated pieces of aluminium, screwing the mesh into a vice like hold. Crimsafe Ultimate also offers another level of security with its clip-on cover, concealing the fasteners and protecting the tightly integrated system from the elements.


    Diamond Doors prevent against bugs and mosquitoes, whilst still allowing airflow and safety. Available in a wide variety of Dulux Powdercoat colours, Diamond Doors are vital in ensuring your home is protected from unwanted guests.


    Seamless integration of protective measures is something that can be hard to achieve, but with retractable flyscreens, the task of having a safe and stylish home is made easier. Made from high tensile aluminium and heavy-duty PVC-coated fibreglass mesh, the retractable flyscreens and pleated security screens are durable and long-lasting. Designed to blend seamlessly with living and working areas, these screens offer the bonus of being completely retractable. Once added, these screens will be part of your home for years to come.


    Colonial Castings offer a range of decorative grills that can make your home secure and stylish, providing the fit for contemporary homes and also older style renovations. Available in numerous colours from the Dulux Powercoating range, Colonial Castings can be customised to suit your home’s aesthetic needs. You can choose from stainless steel or fibreglass mesh options, or a one-way view mesh that adds another level of privacy and security.


    The Flyscreen Door is the perfect screened addition to the run-of-the-mill entry way. Made high tensile aluminium door frame and fitted out with quality fly screen, the Flyscreen Door is durable and robust enough to handle everyday use, as well as keep the bugs out. Available in a wide range of ColourBond colours and different styles of mesh including Fibreglass, One way mesh or Stainless Steel (essential for bushfire prone areas), the Flyscreen Door has the option to be a hinged or sliding door.  Flyscreen Doors can also be installed with a Security Door Lock, for added safety on top of its bug-stopping duties. Insect free and family safe!


    During the warmer months, Australia suffers through not only immense heat, but a tirade of insects. On top of this, our tendency to leave windows and doors open, for the sake of keeping ourselves cool, allows our homes to be open to other kinds of unwanted guests. By adding flyscreens that are made of fibreglass or stainless-steel mesh, you can ensure you home is safe as well as serene, with screens that can double as insect and intruder deterrents. Available in almost all of the ColourBond colours these flyscreens can be adapted to suit every window on the market, making sure that your home is safe and secure, especially during the warmer months.